August 30, 2009

Brentwood Farmer's Market - From Fresh to Finish!

Part of the appeal of living in Brentwood is being able to wake up on Sunday morning a take a leisurely walk down to the Brentwood Farmer's Market. The market is always buzzing with fellow Brentwoodians, strolling the street for fresh produce, street food, trinkets, baked goods or the like. However, I have to admit, I feel as though in recent weeks the number of non-produce vendors is slowly approaching the number of produce vendors. And as much as I enjoy seeing what everybody has to offer, the main reason I come is for the fresh produce, and seeing the quantity start to diminish is very disappointing.

I come for the fresh, colorful and organic produce (and for the experience of outdoor shopping.) Part of the fun of shopping at the farmer's market is going and seeing what is in season, what is fresh, and just what catches your eye. Then you get to bring home all of your new found goodies and compile an impromptu meal made of Southern California's freshest and finest ingredients.

What caught my eye this week? Well, the heirloom tomatoes have been looking absolutely beautiful lately - the sheer array of colors are stunning, and the multicolored bell peppers caught my eye as well - how can you turn away from a purple and yellow dual colored bell pepper?! I sure can't!!

After my foray to the market this week, I came home and assembled a simple heirloom tomato salad, pico de gallo, quinoa mango salad (recipe), and mango frozen yogurt. Simple recipes that really let the produce shine.

And that's how you take fresh produce to the finish!

(Disclaimer: the mangoes were not purchased at the Farmer's Market, but the majority of the other ingredients were - I was just in the mood for some sweet and juicy mangoes yesterday!)

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