August 10, 2009

The Kogi Craze - I Gave In!!

I did it, I finally gave in to the Kogi craze. I have been hearing about Kogi for a while now, but could never quite coordinate my schedule with their trucks. They seem to hit-up the late night bar crowd around town, and with great success.

As I was sitting on the 405, fighting the beach traffic on my way back home from yet another Target run, I was contemplating my dining options for the day. Thats when it hit me, if I could only get my car moving again, I would hunt down the Kogi truck and try some of their infamous nuevo-street-food. Check it out
To make a long story short, I made it...barely. I found one of the 4 Kogi trucks parked outside The Brig in Venice. (One of the late night bar hot-spots, and apparently day hot-spots as well).

Dave and I jumped in line and started ordering. We ordered three tacos: spicy pork, spicy chicken, and korean short ribs; the black jack quesadilla; the sliders; and 2 diet cokes for good measure. A total of $23, not to bad for a street-food feast.
I started with the tacos. The first bite is just what I expected, an explosion of flavor, the spices, the cilantro, and the meat were a feast to my senses. Next, I dove into the sliders. Korean short ribs with a wonderfully creamy aoli, cabbage and cilantro. kind of hamburger.

Finally....the blackjack quesadilla. This was Dave's favorite, and it is definitely not on the light side (well, none of it really is, but this was especially heavy on the grease). You know what they say, fat = flavor. A wonderful combination of caramelized onions, spicy pork and cheddar and jack cheese smothered with salsa verde.

All in all, a pleasant experience, however, I can't say that i'll be seeking out the trucks anytime soon -- this is one of those few and far between experiences for me. Also, can't say it was the best food option prior to my first time back on the golf course in over a year (that's a different story altogether), but the bottom line is thatmy taste buds were definitely pleased.

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